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Art in Isolation

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

My works: "A Time for Reflection" and "The Longest Walk" were lucky enough to be exhibited last May at the North Dakota Museum of Art in the context of their experimental exhibition: "Art in Isolation," along with the works of many other artists from all over the world. I can only feel gratitude. Although the first work is rather self-explanatory, the second one is not. Some friends asked me to reveal its meaning. However, the interpretation of an artwork is always a subjective and personal matter.

To me, "The Longest Walk" could be the distance we need to take to discern our personal views on ourselves, other people, the society, the Cosmos itself, and the myriad of attributes we have acquired in our lifespan.

I dedicate both works to a beloved relative of mine who passed away in the quarantine days. I thank him dearly for the inspiration.

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